Meeting Information


Note: Pink Panthers meetings are now held in person again.

Third Monday of each month

6:30-8:30 p.m.


305 Larry Utech (Common Room)

These meetings will not include zoom calls moving forward, however anyone can request by email a personal phone call or a one on one zoom call.  Also reach out to become part of our private Facebook group. (

We are a volunteer-based group with a focus on support in a safe, caring and empowering environment. We embrace living life to the fullest.         

Meeting Guidelines

  • Respect the confidential nature of our meetings. Please do not share the names and stories you hear at these meetings, outside of meetings.
  • Be open-minded and respect the diversity of this group in relation to all things including age, culture, experience, choices made and opinions held. This allows us to speak freely without fear of prejudice or discrimination.
  • Use “I” statements instead of “should” statements in sharing your thoughts and experiences. The only experiences and feelings we know to be true are our own. If you are looking for medical advice please call your health care provider.
  • Be mindful of our time and do your best to stay on topic and make sure everyone has a chance to share.
  • Refrain from holding side conversations while someone is speaking. We are a group: please share your thoughts, feelings and opinions with the entire group, not just the individual next to you.
  • Turn cell phones off or on vibrate.
  • Be mindful of foul language.
  • And the most important – Share your humour. We love to laugh.